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Naam G.R. Ronan
Datum 09-04-2007 09:55:20

You do very nice work Mr. Ermers. I like your oil drum trailer very much.

I have A 1938 EL Harley with a sidecar and a 1976 FLH Harley Police Special. I also have A 1969 BMW R/69S.
I own the litle brother of your Dodge. It's a 1979 D150 Power Wagon. It has A 360 C.I. engine with a standard tranny and the same transfer case as yours. Unfortunatly I will be forced to junk it this year as in Minnesota salt is used on the roads for ice removal and it has rusted the frame to the point of it being unsafe to drive.
I will bookmark your site and check back on your future projects.

Naam Georges
Datum 25-03-2007 11:46:42

Votre site est très bien fait , et les liens sont très enrichissants .
Continuez , félicitations .

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